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Katja Rapaport

Broker Associate

Katja bought her first property in Telluride over 15 years ago and has never looked back. She has done remodels and new builds, short-term and long-term rentals, and experienced the high’s and low’s in Telluride’s unique real estate market. She has the keen eye to spot a good investment at all price points of the market and understands the long term potential of owning in Telluride. In her free time Katja enjoys flying with her husband in their Cessna 182, climbing beautiful limestone cliffs over the Mediterranean, traveling through Europe learning the romance languages, and gardening in her high altitude greenhouse. Having lived for a year in South America, Katja speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys working with Spanish speaking clients. If you have any questions on the best hikes, where to find fresh powder on the ski area, or where to book the best massage, Katja advises her clients so they can experience the BEST in Telluride lifestyle.

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